Zhengshan Chigan<br>正山赤甘
Zhengshan Chigan<br>正山赤甘
Zhengshan Chigan<br>正山赤甘

Zhengshan Chigan

$ 12.50

April 2017 - Zhengshan Chigan - Red tea from Tongmuguan 桐木关, west of Wuyi Scenic Reserve, Fujian

A xiaozhong 小种 or small leaf varietal from Tongmu: a national nature reserve that is well protected by high mountains on all four sides. 30-45 minute drive from the west side of the Wuyi Scenic reserve, Tongmu sits well over 1000 meters with rich fertile soil. 

This particular xiaozhong was lightly smoked . Fruit and floral aroma on the empty cup and lid. Gentle sweet notes of toasted sugar and dried fruit. Satisfying, crisp sweet finish that lingers and continues to build with each infusion.

Brewing: 1g/20mL @ 95-100C