My concept of tea was shattered in 2016. Through a series of fateful events, I found myself touring an ancient Chinese tea garden in the rural village of Mengsong during the tail end of the spring harvest.

Following our tour, I entered the farmer’s tea room and was engulfed by a sweet perfume from freshly processed Sheng Puer tea. Fragrances of fruit and flower excited my senses.

The first sip surprised me. This was different from teas I had experienced before. It wasn’t just the flavor. It was the texture of the broth.. the aroma coating my breath.. the sweetness clinging to my teeth. Each subsequent infusion added another layer of indulgence. I was charmed. 

After that experience, I knew my journey of discovery had just begun. There are countless tea producers in the world, but few who craft teas that elicit such emotion and leave you yearning for more.

Join me in my search for these artisans who produce teas with depth of character, lasting appeal, and lingering charm.


韵味 Yùnwèi (noun) : lasting appeal and lingering charm