Juduozai Dancong<br>锯朵仔 单丛
Juduozai Dancong<br>锯朵仔 单丛
Juduozai Dancong<br>锯朵仔 单丛

Juduozai Dancong
锯朵仔 单丛

$ 15.00

2017 - Juduozai Dancong - Wulong from Pheonix Mountain Dancong 

Ju 锯 literally translates to "saw blade". Interestingly named after the shape of its narrow saw-like leaves. This particular dancong is reminiscent of almond aroma dancong.

Gorgeous creamy nutty notes that quickly morph into floral aroma on the empty cup and lid. Silky mouth feel and menthol sensation on the roof of the mouth.

Crisp, clear broth with sweetness more apparent in the back of the mouth and tongue. Very different sensation compared to the fruit forward Peach Kernel Dancong.

Keep brewing this one! well over 10 brews with parameters below:

Brewing: 1g/20mL @ 100C