Mengsong<br>'19 Gushu Sheng Puer<br>勐宋 古树生普洱
Mengsong<br>'19 Gushu Sheng Puer<br>勐宋 古树生普洱

'19 Gushu Sheng Puer
勐宋 古树生普洱

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April 2019 - Gushu Sheng (Raw) Puer from Mengsong Village, Yunnan 

This gushu sheng puer was sourced from "Small Mengsong" in Jinghong County, not to be confused with "Big Mengsong" in Menghai County. The village, with population of about 2600, is surrounded by the Lancang river and borders Myanmar and Laos. 

The tea was harvested from an old tree garden sitting at about 1600 meters above sea level, with trees around 250-300 years old. Each tree was grown from a seedling, with unique genetics, flavor, and aroma: some bitter, some sweet! 

Initially fruity with slight bitterness, but not astringency, balanced by a satisfying huigan (lingering sweetness) that continues to build with each infusion. 

Brewing: 1g/20mL @ 95-100C