Sheng Puer Collection
Sheng Puer Collection
Sheng Puer Collection

Sheng Puer Collection

$ 32.00

15 grams each (45 grams in total)

Baiying "Benshan" Varietal 2019 Gushu Sheng Puer

Baiying "Black Strips" Varietal 2019 Gushu Single Tree Sheng Puer

Mengsong 2019 Gushu Sheng Puer

Sheng Puer, especially those processed from older trees, is arguably the most fascinating tea you can explore. As opposed to cultivars or clones of a single varietal, old Puer trees are born from seed, each with their own unique character. Combine this with variables of region, terroir, and age (post processing), you'll soon discover that you can spend a life time learning about this tea. 

Minimally processed (pick > wither > pan fry > roll > sun dry), Sheng Puer is essentially a sun dried green tea. However, enzymes remain active due to a gentle frying process,  allowing it to age and transform in character over time. Shou Puer (aka Ripe/Cooked Puer) was developed in ~1975 to mimic the soothing, earthy characteristics of aged Sheng. 

These three Shengs from 2019 are still young and offer a dominant fruit and floral note. They provide a brief glimpse into the differences between the Lincang and Xishuangbanna regions of Yunnan. Teas from Baiying offer a lesson on elegance in mouth feel while Mengsong teaches us about floral finishes.

I hope you enjoy! 

Brew gongfu style 1g/20mL @ 100C